Erika Stephens

Comprehensive Design

Creative bilingual comprehensive designer, 15 years’ experience on illustrations, graphic designs, decorations, jewelry design, focused, reliable, trustworthy, efficient, resourceful, self-motivated, collaborate in team environments.


Cell Phone: 910 620 6693


2004 June- 2009 March

Triangulo Publicidad

Head of the design area.
Responsible for daily production of an innovative advertising design company.
Lead a team of two designers on business corporate design development.
Elaborate diverse designs and corporate images, adjustments to important companies at national and international level including; Crowne Plaza hotels, Alive Insurance Nature Room (spa), English Access (British English school), Outlet Travel, Sidecom (informatic business), Holiday inn select, Hotel Barcelo, Executive Hotel, Mazatlán Inn Hotel, etc.
Increased client transactions by an average of 30%.

2010 August- 2012 October

Gourmet Anaya.

Independent Designer and partner of the company.
Development of the corporate image and adaptation of furniture to the commercial premises, design of the interior and exterior of the premises.

December 2013- February 2015

Implementa Publicidad

Responsible for daily production of an important, innovative marketing company business.
Elaboration of corporate designs and updates to base clients.
Development and design of new brands in the market.

April 2018 - June 2018

Children’s book: Charlie the cat: “Charlie Turns green” by Robert G Demers.  Independent artistic illustrator used Photoshop and illustrator program, daily to produce. The book is published and for sale in Amazon.

September 2019 – November 2019

Children’s book: “My name is Chezza not Pizza” by Justin LaNasa.  Independent artistic illustrator used Photoshop and illustrator program, daily to produce. The book is in sell in a museum.  Elaboration and design of personal website.


.Corporatedesign.  Strongdesignsense.  Conceptualthinker.  Timemanagement.  Designstrategy.

Tech Skills:

.Illustrator.  Photoshop.  Website.  Prepress.  InDesign.  Corel Draw.  Acrobat.  HTML & CSS

Training courses: June 2004- August 2004

“Editorial design” Intensive courses of illustration, taken in Spain for 2 months (exchange by ITESO). Visiting the Madrid University of Design and the University of Arts of Oporto.
Course Photography and illustration mixed media in Spain, Portugal and South of France.

Education: 2000- 2005 bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

ITESO (Iberoamericana University) translation by Globe Language service, INC.